Name: Splendor Baha (March 20 – April 7, 2016)

Placement: 1st month
Element: Fire (“The first three months are the fire of God…”)

Design: All 19 months share many of the same design elements: the yellow color emanating from the orange/yellow central orb like the rays of the sun, the crystal diamonds descending from heaven representing the Word of God descending to earth; the circles representing the 4 elements; the crimson arches representing Baha’u’llah’s Revelation arching above the fields of green which represent the green turban worn by the Bab; a band of 19 triangles representing each day of the month; 4 orange triangles marking the solstices and equinoxes, and 12 copper lines representing the breaks between Gregorian months.

Special to this panel are the symbol of the rising sun and the special etching on one of the crystal glass elements. The rising sun is a metaphor for the Divine Springtime – an attribute of the Baha’i Faith. Below the band of 19 days is a red triangle representing the Spring Equinox. Also below the band of 19 days is a slanting copper line representing the break between March and April.

Sacred moments: The 1st day is the New Year (Naw Ruz) distinguished as a green triangle with star.

Color: The green glass-starred triangle represents one of the Holy Days inaugurated by the Bab, who was a relative of Muhammad and thus wore a green turban.
The colors chosen for the 18 other days of this month are primary colors and lined up in a spectrum pattern, then reversed.

Artist commentary. Though the month of Splendor is the first month of the year, the artist fashioned this panel last of all, knowing it was the most important of the nineteen months. She saved the most vibrant crimson glass for the circle representing fire.

This panel is oriented towards the direction of Bahji, the Point of Adoration, in Akka, Israel. Baha’u’llah is buried at this spot.

“The first month is the month of the Point, and the months belonging to the Letters of the Living revolve around it. Among all the months, the month of the Point resembleth the sun, while all other months resemble mirrors which reflect the radiant lights of that supreme month, in such wise that naught is seen in them but that month. God hath called that month the month of Baha (Splendour, Glory), meaning that therein lieth the splendor and glory of all months, and He hath singled it out for Him Whom God shall make manifest. Each of its days is related by God to one of the Letters of Unity.”
(The Bab, Persian Bayan 5:3 taken from Saiedi, Nader “Gate of the Heart,”p. 328)